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Winter came and went— now the hair!

Springtime is upon us, which means summer is just ’round the corner. What a better time for a Soprano laser blog update?

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, the past few months were all about hiding beneath layers upon layers of warm clothes. Completely oblivious to the growth cycles our bodily hair went through during that time. However, with the sunny season’s rapid approach so does our awareness of our appearance increases. Some claim that “summer bodies are made in the winter” – there’s truth to that, but there’s still enough time to squeeze in a couple of laser hair removal sessions before you hit the beach.

Soprano Laser hair removal — what to consider?

Every day, we receive dozens of questions from around the world regarding best practices for laser hair removal with the Soprano ICE Platinum and it’s earlier versions. These questions come from both practitioners (Doctors/beauticians) and patients. Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of the most popular ones and answer them here on our blog. To make things more interesting, we’ve reached out to a few highly experienced Soprano laser users and presented them with the questions. They were delighted to help address these important issues and to share a few of their success stories!

Soprano laser smooth legs

It’s almost summer…

The Soprano laser hair removal specialists

This month, we were delighted to get acquainted with Two most knowledgeable and enthusiastic women for whom medical aesthetic treatment is not just a profession but a way of life. They have helped countless patients achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. They are valued ambassadors of Alma Lasers and truly embody our values and vision.

Nadia Deen, Beautician, Mint Laser clinic in Pretoria, South Africa

Nadia has been using the Soprano ICE laser by Alma Lasers for over 5 years. She has many patients who were treated by other technologies coming to her salon looking specifically for the Soprano laser. In many cases, these patients are looking to fix problems created by past treatments with lesser advanced technologies. She is planning to take her game up a notch with the Soprano ICE Platinum edition very soon.

Victoria A. Cirillo-Hyland, MD, a Fellow of The American Academy of Dermatology And The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery

A Harvard magna cum laude graduate and one of the most experienced and established physicians in aesthetic medicine and skin care on the east coast of the US. Her practices are located in Bryn Mawr and Newton Square Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and address all skin care and aesthetic needs for patients from all over the tri-state area. Dr. Cirillo has been a very early adopter of energy-based medical devices dating back to the early 90’s. She has been utilizing Alma Lasers technology for over 15 years and is one of our best advocates.

Soprano laser before the beach

…time to hit the beach

Soprano laser at cirillo institute

The Cirillo institute team of Doctors and impressive array of Alma Lasers’ devices

On to the questions and answers about Soprano laser best practices

Without further ado, here are our followers’ top questions answered by the experts!

Q: Why is it important to shave before laser hair removal with the Soprano ICE?

Nadia: “Through my experience, I’ve learned it is of utmost importance for a client to shave before they come for their treatment. They should shave the evening before or on the day of their appointment. Reason being, I find if there is a bit of stubble (the short and stiff hair growing on a man’s face when he has not shaved for a while g.l.e), the “exposed” hair makes the area heat up a lot quicker and can make the treatment a bit uncomfortable. On top of that, when the hair is long and not shaved, it either singes or the “in motion” technique tugs at the hair, also making a treatment not as smooth and comfortable as it normally is.

We at Mint laser offer in salon shaves or give the client a razor for them to quickly shave before a treatment. Shaving before a Soprano laser treatment also helps the client see their results better, as the skin is like a clean canvas. It is crucial that the client witnesses the hair is growing back much slower than before and in patches. We do not do any treatments on unshaved areas.”

Q: Paradoxical hair growth syndrome correlating with laser hair removal – have you ever encountered this? Is there a way to avoid it?

Dr. Cirillo: “It’s not very common but we have seen it. You should avoid treating hair at sub-optimal energy levels as this may cause paradoxical new hair growth. The target is always to destroy the hair follicle. One of the great things about SHR is that the total energy delivered is always pretty high. Therefore, the risk is lower. We have also found that certain patients are at higher risk for paradoxical hair growth. These patients typically have excessive lanugo hair on their lateral cheeks (lanugo hair is very fine and soft hair that is most common in newborn babies but on some adults as well, g.e).”

Q: What makes the Soprano laser much less painful than other laser or IPL devices?

Dr. Cirillo: “The Alma Lasers SHR “in-motion” innovative technology really changed the world of laser hair removal as it is virtually painless. This technology, as well as the unique cooled tip, allow you to deliver higher levels of energy without overheating the skin. Using the clear aloe vera gel also minimizes friction and soothes the skin.

As with all lasers, you must thoroughly understand the technology and how it works. Just turning on the machine and choosing a preset is never enough. You need to be aware of variables such as skin and hair color, and also have defined goals for each session. Even though it is virtually painless, you should be alert and pay attention to both the patient’s comfort as well as the clinical parameters. The treatment has desired end-points such as a bit of redness around the follicle.”

Q: What about treating intimate areas? Is it hygienic and safe to treat them?

Nadia: “The hand-pieces are so conveniently shaped. On top of that, having the facial tip enables us to get into all the nooks & crannies as requested by our clients. However, no matter how intimate the area, we insist on all the treatments being hygienic. Firstly, before a treatment is done, a client fills out our very intense client card. We want to make sure a client is not carrying a disease that is highly contagious.

Many clients are very strict with their own hygienic status when they come for a treatment. That helps too. We are extremely mindful of hygiene, and follow as many steps as possible to keep our treatments to a greater standard. Our hand-piece is kept clean and sterile at all times. It is always cleaned with alcohol before and after every session. The therapist doing the treatments hands are always sterilized before a treatment and wear gloves when needed. Our system is serviced regularly to make sure it’s always clean and working optimally.”

Dr. Cirillo: “Grooming trends and techniques change with time. When I first started the “Brazilian” style of hair removal was not popular. Nowadays, young people come in and want all of the hair removed from their genital and buttocks areas. We treat hair everywhere on the body. We follow the highest standards in sterilization techniques.”

Soprano laser by Mint laser Pretoria

Happy Soprano ICE customers all around at Mint laser in Pretoria

Q: Hair color – we know the optimal candidate has brown or dark hair. Can Red or Blonde hair be successfully removed too?

Nadia: “I have the Compact Diode and the Alex 755nm hand-pieces on my Alma Soprano laser. We are based in South Africa, “The Rainbow Nation”. This means we get to treat all types of skin types as well as all different hair textures and colors. I’ve seen great hair reductions with blonde, light and fine hair, with my Alex hand-piece. The Alex hand-piece is a MASTERPIECE. We love it and use it often even on darker skin types. We have had such incredible results with the Alex. However, when it comes to red hair, we have not seen a significant enough reduction. We’ve tried both hand-pieces and different methods, we haven’t had great results.”

Dr. Cirillo: “We see the best results with dark hair. Most of our patients are skin types I-III. We have also seen great results on skin types IV-VI, however, you must carefully select your energy levels.”

Q: Are there any final thoughts you’d like to share with our followers?

Nadia: “Our society is obsessed with appearance. There are certain beauty ideals that are too dominant. So much value is being given to being “superficially” pretty. We are told we must be hair-free, wrinkle-free or fat-free. Many beautiful people come to the salon with significant insecurities, to the point, where they are dressed a certain way to cover their so-called imperfections. Some women even take razors to work, to shave their face several times throughout the day.

When they finally arrive at Mint, they are at their wit’s end. They are hanging to a tiny bit of hope that the laser will help. When the laser does help, it’s truly incredible to see how their demeanors and confidence changes. When they see a hair reduction from treatment 1, they truly feel as if their whole life changed. I find much comfort in knowing I have the best system, and when I have clients that feel hopeless, I’m able to reassure them that my Soprano laser is the answer. To experience the gratitude at the end of the process makes it all worth it.”

Dr. Cirillo: “Alma Lasers has always offered the most advanced technology at the right price. Their machines are “workhorses” and require minimal maintenance. I also love the “no consumables” approach!”

Seeking a treatment from one of these Soprano laser experts?

You can learn more about Nadia’s and Dr. Cirillo’s centers here:

Cirillo institute, PA, USA

Website –

Instagram –

Mint Laser, Pretoria, South Africa

Website –

Instagram –

View Dr. Cirillo presenting her practice on ASDS vimeo channel:


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